Winfred Dania

Date of Birth1950
Born inAruba
  • Bio

    Winfred Dania (1950 Aruba, †2012 Bonaire)

    Winfred was born in Aruba. At the age of five, he was sent to the Netherlands to attend a special school. Winfred was deaf. In the Netherlands, he was trained in lip-reading. He'd already learned to communicate in Papiamentu. The school gave him a vocation; he graduated as "certified printer."

    Soon after he started working, he was given some advertising jobs, and it was then, at the age of 17, that he was inspired to do some artwork of his own.

    His mystical, ethereal paintings usually depict stories and myths of the island. The mythological figure Boynay - considered to be the first inhabitant of the island - often appears in his paintings as well as the mother rock. They illustrate the stories of magical and spiritual events that island storytellers pass down from generation to generation.


    In 1977, when he was 27, he returned to the island of Bonaire. Winfred explains: "Holland has produced many painters but I get my inspiration from Bonaire."

    "In Holland I produced only five paintings, but in Bonaire I've painted 120. There are so many more colors here. In Holland there is only gray and dark."

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