Wilson Garcia

Date of Birth1938
Born inCuracao
  • Bio

    Wilson Garcia (1938, Curaçao – residing in the Netherlands)

    Wilson Garcia was born in Curaçao and currently lives and works in the Netherlands.

    His career was formed in Curaçao where he worked at the Fine Arts Academy and at the Teacher Training school (Akademia Pedagogiko). He was also a secondary school teacher.

    After his retirement in 2000 he moved to the Netherlands.



    "To me, art is very personal. It invites people-to-people contact. I portray human contact figuratively in striking colours. I blend figures and environment into a visionary whole, an invitation to feel part of the portrayal. I mix my oils directly on the canvas, which creates numerous transitions and nuances. The portrayal speaks for itself, supported by the title and the viewer designs his or her own story."

    More information about the artist:  www.wilsongarcia.nl