Stella Fraai

Date of Birth1936
Born inCuracao
Painter / teacher
  • Bio

    Stella Fraai ( 29 september 1936 - Curaçao – residing in the Netherlands)   

    Stella Fraai has been living in the Netherlands since 1955, where she was working as a teacher. There she developed her drawing and painting talent.

    She developed an authentic and unique way of painting. At first she painted with water color painting and oil painting. Slowly she passed on to paint using mixed techniques.

    The combination of water paint, pastel en acrylic express her themes very well. The ambiance is exuberant, variable, festive, but sometimes also dreamy. 


    Women are prominent present in her paintings. Besides women there are many animals, flowers and plants and specific Curacao-an elements. The Caribbean sun shines over all elements therefor her paintings resemble a typical Antillean ambiance. Her paintings tell the story of the colorful Caribbean traditions.


    1985 – 1987  Free Academy Rotterdam (NL)

     She also took private lessons to learn portrait painting.

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