Roald Schotborgh

Date of Birth1933
Born inCuracao
  • Bio

    Roald ‘Ati’ Schotborgh (1933, Curaçao - † 2011) 

    Schotborgh started painting in oils at an early age. He never attended artschool but learned the ways of painting by copying old masters, then evolving to local scenes and colors. He uses brush and/or painting knife and, to a lesser degree, also works in acrylic and watercolor.

    Hailing from Otrabanda (old residential area of the city of Willemstad), many of his paintings are of that part of the island. He concentrates on the city, the sea and the land, but has done some commissioned portraits and abstracts. His style is impressionistic/expressionistic realism in which the evocative element plays a decisive role in how a theme or subject is to be rendered.



    This makes for a complexity of styles and a tendency to suppress minute details in an impasto technique that leaves it to the spectator to complete the visual image. 

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