Ria Houwen

Date of Birth1947
Born inHorst - The Netherlands
  • Bio

    Ria Houwen (1947, Horst, the Netherlands – residing in Curaçao)

    Ria Houwen is an artist fascinated by Curaçao. Her work touches the drama of the private soul and let it coincide with the drama of the island. Her work searches along the roads of the subconscious. An image looms up, tries to take shape and disappears in order to return reborn in the future.

    The fascination by the roughness of the island, whimsical in rock and vegetation, penetrates through the structure of her work. The nature of the artist, characterized by the remarkable tension between erotism and spiritual life, between timidity inviolability, connects with the Caribbean world, where magic and reality are entangled.  

    More information about the artist:  www.riahouwen.com