Ras Mosera

Date of Birth1955
Born inSt. Lucia - recides in St. Martin
  • Bio

    Ras Mosera (1955, St. Lucia – currently recides in St. Martin)

    While Mosera is a bold contemporary expressionist with a tendency for abstraction, he brings a strong sense of structure to his canvases. As an artist with great knowledge of color and surfaces, he knows just how to transform colors to his canvasses by surrounding and mixing color with surprising and incoherent fragments of the African Caribbean World.

    In his watercolors, Mosera reveals a wide range of artistic knowledge. From gentle color effects, such as bleeding, to the brush sense on his paper. Over all, there is no paramount period in Mosera's work but color, serenity and composition certainly play a singular role in each period. (by Ria Uterloo, freelance writer).


    Training: auto-didact

    More information about the artist: www.rasmosera.net