Paula Evers

Date of Birth1942
Born inBergen, The Netherlands
  • Bio

    Paula Evers (1942, the Netherlands)

    Paula is an intuitive painter. She works and processes from her intuition. Nothing is made up in advance. Everything depends on her emotions and mood of the moment.

    Her paintings come about gradually. Her hands possess all the technical abilities needed to let the painting take place as a meditation. Her paintings manifest themselves by color. It’s during autumn when Paula is inspired by the wide variety and different kinds of colors which are exhibited at this time of the year. That’s where her love for warm earthy colors and natural shades comes from and which reveals the passionate use of the paint.

    She paints figurative as well as abstract. She personally describes her work as lyrical abstract. The term “lyrical” gives expression of an emotional state of being in a straight way. 


    The figures which are painted by Paula don't have any features. The outlines are just indications of statures. Their abstract environment is an undefined space which frames them. There are stories between people in her works, through which spectators are able to identify themselves. That’s why her work becomes accessible and has an attractive force on almost every spectator.

    Paula mainly uses matter that gives her abstract work a so-called expressive skin. The paint which she then applies on top of it emphasizes the shape of the matter and directs the final composition in that way. Her paintings suck you into their space so you can subsequently roam around endlessly.  

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