Patricia Johnson

Date of Birth1937
Born inSaba
  • Bio

    Patricia Johnson (1937, Saba)

    Patricia Johnson was born and raised in Saba and started experimenting with oils in 1962. Because of the isolation and limitations of living on a small island such as Saba at that time, Patricia was not able to pursue a serious career in fine arts. She was therefore forced to define her own style and artistic approach to her work and draw on her own artistic sensitivity to mix her colors and rectify her errors of perspective. On the other hand, she gives sole credit to this uniquely beautiful island for giving her a lifetime of inspiration. Patricia now mostly works with watercolors and intermittently with oils. Her work celebrates the breathtaking flowers, plants, landscapes and cottages of Saba and the rest of the Caribbean. The colors she uses in both media are intense and her compositions are detailed and dramatic. Her much loved subjects are now also beautifully expressed in her glass painting.

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