M.H. Namias de Crasto

Date of Birth1935
Born inCuraçao
  • Bio

    M.H. (Boy) Namias de Crasto

    He makes paintings in oil, acrylic and mixed media as well as sculptures in clay and bronze. He works as an engraver and calligrapher and he also manufactures ceramics. 

    Boy works from his emotions. He looks at his work for beauty and tries to convey deeper intent. Then there is the ongoing search for new ways. By finding other techniques and methods and by experimenting with non-obvious materials, he keeps challenging himself. 


    The Caribbean is without a doubt a continuing source of inspiration for his work. The colored nature, the earth and water tones and the unique light undeniably reveal his origin. As a teacher, he connected with the youth. Young people play a role in his everyday-life. It is no surprise that children have a central place in his sculptures and paintings.

    More information about the artist: http://www.artesbussum.nl/kunstenaars-artes/boy-namias-de-c/