Nadya Moron

Date of Birthunknown
Born inCuracao
  • Bio

    Nadya (Nani) Morón

    Nadya (Nani) Moron (1947) born on Curacao and ever a resident.


    As a child, Nani always walked around with a pencil l in her hand.  The world was her canvas, and any surface was fair game, including the walls in her parents’ house.

    After rearing her sons, she again took up the pencil as a hobby and soon started experimenting with pastels and acrylic, watercolor and modern techniques under the careful tutelage of Luigi Pinedo.

    Then she laid down the pencil, took up the brush and now concentrates on oil as her favorite medium.  From portraits to murals, she captures the essence of her subject with wit and excitement.


    1987-1988: Pastel and Portraits – Danique van Ierland

    1993-1994: Acrylic and Oil – Luigi Pinedo

    2004: One Stroke Workshop – Miami, Fl

    2007: Maria Teresa Velez

    2008: 3-D – Danique van Ierland