Midzy Longuevergne

Date of Birth1945
Born inArras, France - residing in Curaçao
  • Bio

    Midzy Longuevergne (1945 Arras, France – residing in Curaçao)

    For Midzy Longuevergne painting is an obvious activity. Now uprooted, from her French heritage remains the impressionists’ touch, and to this she adds ambiguous references and suprematisme, combined with artistic freedom. Art is a “many-headed dragon”, and so her work fluctuates between abstractions and figurations. Loving art is her goal in life. Her passion gives her work a strong intensity and undeniable tension.


    1963 – 1964 Academie des Beaux Arts, Lille, France

    1964 – 1966 Academie Julyan, Paris, France