Jose Flores

Date of Birth1964
Born inCuracao
  • Bio

    José Flores (1964, Curaçao – residing in the Netherlands)

    José Flores was born in Curaçao. Since 1985 he has been living and working in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). When you study the work of José over the past four years, you’ll notice that much has changed. His work has become more complex, more abstract, and intense and what is interesting is that it has obtained a scientific quality.

    This is the ultimate challenge for José. On one hand it is his task to produce something that is intellectually provoking, which possesses an actual scientific question, but on the other hand the ultimate goal is only achieved when the product expresses the scientific concepts in a most attractive manner. 


    Of course the scientific question posed, searches beyond science and has everything to do with man’s very existence, consciousness and ethics. When looking at the paintings, these are the themes you instinctively contemplate. Because of their attractiveness, they do not pose any threat; instead they become more and more familiar. Nevertheless, beneath each painting a concept submerges and expressionism is merely a gesture. It is the elementary link which forms the painting and not just the painting as an expressive form. The viewer will notice many forms which have been linked together in an almost transparent layer of spray.

    José had adapted his work which at first was more limited to sculpturing and has moved to painting and water-colors, maintaining the three-dimensional way of thinking as well as bringing reality closer to fiction. Sculptured forms become metaphorical symbols. 



    Porte d’entrée, José’s theme of the past few years, scientifically signifies viruses in various forms, entering or making contact with the human body. To José this incorporates the vulnerability of man in his own environment and in the society created by himself.

    Maintaining a certain state of mind is what comes next. José aims to lift a concept out of its original connection and allow it to pass through a process of re-discovery, imagery, interlinking, expression and finally placing it in the desired setting, possibly as a metaphor. He is just “a collateral sower”.