Herbert Boyé

Date of Birth1921
Born inCuracao
  • Bio

    Herbert Boyé (1921, Curaçao - †1992)

    Born and raised in the center of Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao, amongst the many great and old buildings, he got an enormous weakness for their beauty. Later as he went to live in the countryside, he was confronted with the beauty of the many estate- and country houses, which are numerous on the island.

    It is therefore that from a very young age his natural talent as exposed with some drawings he made of perkily estate houses. Already in his teens he produced his first original painting. He concentrated mostly on the extreme beautiful sculptures of the estate and country houses and his preferences were mostly in fierce colors. 


    But also historical and old monuments had his great admiration and were painted often by Boyé. He has painted almost all historical monuments and buildings. Most of his work is painted on canvas with oil. During his stay in The Netherlands Boyé painted mostly winter scenes on wood. He also made drawings of caricatures of politicians. He received a lot of order for paintings and received the first price for a painting of a town house at Groot Davelaar. He sold many of his painting during his exposition in The Netherlands.

    As an old fashioned painter Boyé stretched the canvas himself and very often he made his own frames. He really loved painting and considered painting a hobby and not his profession or an obligation. Although he became sick and knew he had to leave this world, he kept on painting, always in the same cheerful spirit. Knowing his paintings weren't turning out as good as before, he kept on painting till the very end.