Erwin Kranenburg

Date of Birth1964
Born inSurinam - residing in Curaçao
  • Bio

    Erwin Kranenburg (1964, Surinam – residing in Curaçao)

    As a young boy Erwin loved drawing. In 1980, after he finished high school, he set course for The Netherlands, where he studied to become a dentist. He attended art classes at the Marienburg Art Center in Arnhem. On advice of an art teacher, he moved to Amsterdam to attend the Rietveld Academie. Two years later he started his education at the Hoge School voor Leraren (The Academy for Secondary School teachers) where he studied Art and Art-history. He also took courses in Photography and Design. In 1992, he returned to Curaçao, were he is currently working as a school teacher. His latest work tells us about his love-and-hate relationship with our architectural past.

    Erwin Kranenburg exhibited in the Netherlands, Curaçao and the Dominican Republic.