Ced Ride

Date of Birth1944
Born inCuracao
Painter / Composer
  • Bio

    Ced Ride (1944, Curaçao)

    Ced Ride was born on July 14, 1944 as Cedric Ridderplaat in Curaçao, in the Otrabanda area. He is the 4th child of a family of 9 children. His parents are Lourdes and Pascual Ridderplaat.

    As he was born in a very colorful neighborhood, where every event was celebrated with music, Ced Ride started developing a passion for culture at a very young age.

    Ced Ride is a singer/songwriter/artist who has become a living legend on his home island of Curaçao. His songs are mostly in Papiamentu, the local language of Curaçao. He dedicates his songs to Curaçao, its beloved people and the world. He is both locally and internationally awarded. A great philosopher and a profound culturist of the island’s anthropology. 



    Ced dedicates his works of the last thirty years to poetry in Papiamentu and fine arts. 

    The last decade he has become deeply involved in the studies and arts of curing and healing. After a variety of personal experiences in natural forms of sanity he answers the call to serve in reaching a cultural difference. He seeks to bridge a healing world. He recognizes the stand of ertz, of stones/rocks, wood, air, fire, earth and life.

    Although Ced is mostly known for his music, he is also a passionate painter.

    More information about the artist:  www.cedride.blogspot.com