Brigitte Wawoe

Date of Birth1939
Born inHeidelberg - Germany
  • Bio

    Brigitte Wawoe (1939, Heidelberg, Germany – residing in the Netherlands)

    Brigitte lived in Curaçao from 1967 till 1978. During that period she learned to understand the island and developed a special relation with it. After leaving for London in 1978 she returned to Curaçao regularly for exhibitions and to continue her work in the quarry of the Mijnmaatschappij Curaçao B.V. (Mining Company) at Nieuwpoort, where she created her stone sculptures.

    For the past two decades Brigitte has been returning to Curaçao every year for a short period to sculpt and prepare for a next exhibition. Although she is a sculptress, she is always interested in further development of herself and her talents. Over the years she has mastered other techniques like painting and glass art. She is a versatile artist, using not only a wide range of techniques, materials and forms but also always looking out for other methods or a different approach.


    After so many years of experience she may apparently produce a bronze statuette as easily as she creates concepts for larger projects to be executed outdoors. Brigitte works intuitively, and form matters to her most. In her paintings the composition of the different forms and color has to be balanced, be it animal figures or abstract. In her stone sculptures she allows the material to reveal its hidden form.

    Sometimes she can even leave the stone partly in its natural, rough shape or create a figure by adding iron parts. An example of this approach is the small statue of ‘The Pelican’. The stone is used for the body while the iron additions form the head, completing the bird. Her style is more abstract, hinting at the form she sees and wants to bring out but never completely does. In every piece she challenges the viewer to really look and find its essence. (text:

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